Who are we

The Team and the House

Whoa re we

Our history

As an ancient Chinese proverb quotes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This is the reason for our family crest, because it is thanks to the sacrifices of our ancestors that we are here today. Our family crest is a leitmotif that you will find in our farmhouse. If you are curious about our history and origins, a large family tree dating back to 1500 will await you.

Sacrifice, hard work, determination and courage. Working the land is not easy, but it allows you to be in contact with the mother of all mothers: nature.

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agriturismo sicher frutti e verdure orto trento
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At your disposal

The Team

Or maybe we should say, our family! That’s right, we are Valentino, Nicoletta, Ruggero, Martina and Maria. We owe everything to our parents because they allowed us to realize the dream, Agriturismo Sicher. Now we hope to get you dreaming with us, by telling you and immersing yourself in our world.

The Mission

Not only grapes, but also the garden is one of our passions. If you come to visit us, we will be happy to teach you some secrets of the art of cultivating the land, eventually getting your hands dirty and going back in time to its origins.